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Peru is a country in the Western South America bordered by Ecuador and Colombia in the North, Chile in the South, Brazil in the East and the Pacific Ocean in the West. The topography of Peru varies from Tropical forest in the Amazon Basin and Pacific Coast to the peaks of the Andes Mountains. About 13% of the total geographic area of the country is covered under protected natural areas. The Country is the heir to ancient cultures and has one of the richest bio-diversities of Earth. Machu Picchu, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, which has now been declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the World adorns this country. Booking Peru tours from this site will make your trip and stay in Peru easy.

Peru is a beautiful tourist destination. The country has ten thousand years of History, which is still alive through the 180 museums and historical places that the Country more »

The history of Peru reveals that the Peruvian territory was home to the Norte Chico civilization. This civilization was considered as the oldest in the world. Peru is considered the largest state in the Pre-Columbian America. Peru was conquered by the Spanish Empire during the 16th century and gained independence in 1821. The country Peru was consolidated only after the Battle of Ayacucho.

Peru is considered as an important tourist spot and many visitors frequently spend their holidays and summer vacations touring around Peru. Some of the main tourist spots are Ciudad Blanca, Chiclayo, Cuzco, Huaraz and the Cordilleras, Amazon River, Lima and Nazca lines.

The main place for holidaying in Peru is Ciudad Blanca. This place is also known as the white city for the beautiful homes, churches and monasteries made out of white volcanic stone. This place is also considered a unique tourist spot and is termed as the World Cultural Heritage site by the United Nations. Blanca is surrounded by beautiful architecture culture area surrounded by outdoor more »

The mythical and ancient city of Cusco is often the pinnacle of people's Peru vacations. Teeming with history, a window to a former world and an artifact of long-gone civilizations, Cusco could consume weeks of a Peru travel experience. But for visitors without time to spare, it is possible to squeeze the city's highlights into two short more »

Arequipa Arequipa, Peru's second city, is one of the many must-see destinations to squeeze in to any Peru vacation. The famously beautiful city, known as the White City thanks to its dazzling white silica stone architecture, is fiercely proud of its unique cultural heritage and excellent cuisine, both of which date back to the days of the more »

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