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Featured Attractions:

Iguazu Falls - Brazil / Argentina

Iguazu Falls is almost always a very active waterfall, but is at its peak during the rainy season, which occurs from November through March each year. Much to the dismay of the Falls' fans, the waterfall completely dried up in 1978 and remained dry for a total of twenty -eight days. This was a phenomenon that had not occurred since 1934, and it is anyone's guess when it may happen again.

Seeing Iguazu Falls is no hard task, as there are helicopter rides available that will fly the curious right over the top of the Falls, and boat trips that can be taken to the base of the Falls. Incredibly, there is also an elevator that will take visitors to the top of Iguazu Falls, and catwalks available that allow one to walk out over the various cascades that make up the wondrous waterfalls. If you prefer to stay dry, rain suits are more »

Mayan Ruins - Costa Maya

There are five unique Mayan ruin sites in and around the Costa Maya.

The Dzibanche Ruins: Close to Majahual, the major seaport town in the Costa Maya, is nestled the Dzibanche ruin site. Dzibanche is a large ruin site and a favorite among ruin enthusiasts. Perhaps the most impressive sight at Dzibanche is the Temple of the Masks where large intricate sculptures are carved into stucco slabs. The wonderful thing about Dzibanche, at least for now, is that you'll be able to explore this ancient Mayan town with very few other tourists.

The Kinichna Ruins: Located near Dzibanche, Kinichna is one of the smaller ruin sites in the area. However, its main temple is enormous and offers an exciting climb to the top with a view that is stunning. Kinichna literally means "house of the sun" and was built somewhere between 200 and 600 AD. If you've traveled the Costa Maya in the past and visited some of the ruin sites, you may have missed Kinichna as it was just recently opened to the public.... read more about Mayan Ruins - Costa Maya Mexico »

Hiking Colca Canyon Peru
Peru is one of the world's leading trekking destinations, and virtually every Peru vacation involves at least a small trek through some of the country's jaw-dropping natural landscapes and scenery.

Most Peru trekking experiences are focused around Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail but the country has a lot more to offer, and one of the finest and most rewarding alternatives is a hike in the Colca Canyon region near more »

San Francisco California
About halfway down the California coast, you'll find San Francisco, a city with a deep and colorful history. Founded by Spanish settlers, this city has an abundance of attractions. To help you plan your excursion to the "City by the Bay," here are some attractions to keep in mind.

Golden Gate Bridge: This most famous symbol of San Francisco opened in 1937 and has attracted drivers and photographers ever since. At 4,200 feet, it remains one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. It accommodates cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

Alcatraz Island: This island, now part of the National Park Service, was home a federal prison, which closed in 1965 after housing some of the country's most dangerous criminals. Today it plays host to tourists hoping to escape with some unforgettable pictures.

Haight-Ashbury: This neighborhood, named for the intersection of the two streets, is famous for the music that was written and performed there during the 1960s and 1970s. If you're going to San Francisco, you'll find cafes, boutiques and hippie-related memorabilia more »

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