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Baha / Cabo Mexico

Known for its elegant resorts, deep-sea fishing, and natural beauty, this wonderful Mexican city also offers plenty for those seeking an adventure-filled vacation. You can take the ride of your life here that is better than any amusement park roller coaster as you take to the sky to fly through the air on a Cabo zip line adventure. You'll zip through the air as you enjoy the canopy of this incredible area from a thrilling perspective.

You'll soar above flowing rivers, spectacular desert canyons, and thriving flora and fauna on three miles of cable on a local zip line adventure. The rocky terrain of Boca de Sierra National Park and Costa Azul provide the ideal setting as you zip through the air on this experience of a lifetime. You'll fly from mountain to mountain at more than 30 miles per hour as you're suspended by a safety harness from a thick zip line more about Cabo

Whether you're sunning on the beach or deep-sea fishing for prized marlin, everyone knows this tropical paradise is an ideal place to go on vacation. However, many people don't realize that it's one of the premier locations in the world for getting up close to dolphins.

The Pacific bottlenose and spotted dolphins are native to this area and they are just as playful and friendly as you might imagine. These curious and intelligent mammals seem to be just as attracted to people as people are to them. In fact, they resemble puppies in their playfulness and behavior. When visiting this beautiful city in Mexico, you can have a number of different encounters, depending on the level of adventure you seek. You can enjoy performances and pool encounters, see them in the wild while snorkeling or scuba diving, or even become a trainer for a day at one of the local more about Cabo Dolphin Adventures

If you're looking for some serious fishing fun, head to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It doesn't matter whether you're an amateur or expert angler, there is no better place on Earth to bait your hook and cast your line. The warm climate, huge fish population, and available instruction from some of the best anglers on a fishing charter make this one of the best places for fishing.

If you want to get serious about fishing, especially about going on a Cabo fishing trip, there are many things to consider before making your reservation. Contacting one of the area's charters will also help you take some of the guesswork out of planning your adventure so you can easily get out on the water more about Cabo Fishing

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