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Brazil is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and is a land of beautiful beaches and plenty of opportunities to take part in water sports. Ipanema Beach is the most famous beach in Brazil. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema Beach is covered with beautiful people, most wearing next to nothing. Perhaps not the best family destination, but if you enjoy people watching this is the place to be.

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful city which you must not miss. Rio has a wonderful landscape with mountains and islands. Rio is famous for the sugar loaf mountain and statue of Christ the Redeemer. The people of Rio enjoy partying up to the wee hours of the morning. It is a city that is best visited during the carnival to have oodles of fun.

One excellent day trip to work into your itinerary is the Amazon rainforest. You will find bird species and plants, the likes of which you've never seen. You may also stumble across abandoned Indian river villages. With so much "progress" going on, tribes have had to relocate deeper into the Amazon country.

If you are looking for something a little less touristy and unique, head to Jericoacoara. Jericoacoara is a small fishing village, and it's slowly gaining in popularity with tourists, but mainly back packers. It's a beautiful little area where the wind surfing is great, and you can just relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities for a few more »

Brazil Attractions

One of the most famous of all tourist attractions is the churches of Salvador da Bahia. Built by the slaves from past years, the churches are huge mansions filled with gold and ordained like no other in the world. The church leaders in years past were very wealthy and required only the best in accommodations. During this time the churches were not really used for worship but for some other fairly illegal activities. This included the slave trade which plagued the country for decades.

Salvador is also known for the week long carnival that is held every year. During the summer months the streets come alive at night and welcome those from all over the world. While the city does offer festivals throughout the year, the carnival is the largest draw by far. Famous people the world over will travel the long distance to be part of the celebration. Dancing, plenty of music, food and drink are all part of the event. For many days the carnival will grind on. During the day you can find many cultural events, including demonstrations by the local tribes on their customs.

There is also Brasillia, the reigning capital of Brazil. Once a barren and dry land, Brasillia was turned into a thriving capital center over the course of three years. Some of the finest architects in the world answered the call to design the many buildings for the city. Over the course of three years the city was built and populated by thousands and became a thriving site of commerce and trade.

Then who could forget Rio de Janeiro. A famous tourist attraction itself, Rio boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Brazil. Over the years more and more celebrities have come to this area to purchase land. New economic deals have sprung up because of this and some of the locals are now running tours based on the homes that are owned by famous people the world more »

Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most exotic places on earth. The sun and beaches during the day give away to a whole new world of excitement at night. The nightlife in Rio de Janeiro is exciting and vibrant.

If you are looking for a place to take in some music you have many choices available in Rio. Samba is one of the favored types of music of the region and on any given night you can find it playing loudly along with people dancing. You can either sit and watch the band or join in the fun and take a spin on the dance floor. Many establishments are licensed so you can sip a cocktail while you soak in the ambiance.

If you'd rather take in a show there are several different theatre options at your disposal in Rio de Janeiro. Most of the local newspapers will have listings and finding directions is never difficult. The locals are often the first to help if you ask which way is more »

Brazil's North Coast Beaches
With a coastline as big as Brazil's, a tropical beachside paradise is certainly not hard to find. So why not spend a few days whilst on your Brazil vacation package relaxing on the lively north of the island, which mixes bustling beachside bars, with quaint fishing villages and rolling sand dunes. Here are a few of our favourite beaches for a North Coast Brazil beach holiday:

Ponta Negra

Ponta Negra is one of the best known beaches on the north-coast, and if it's a vibrant nightlife you're after, then this area is definitely worth visiting on your Brazil holidays. The beach stretches down from Morro Do Careca, a combination of dunes, greenery and sea, and extends to the north along Erivan Franca, a crowded area resplendent with restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In this area of Brazil, Wednesday night is the premier night for partying, and mid-week, the boulevard heaves with people out to enjoy the evening entertainment on their Brazil tours. Brazilian food is served in the many tents dotted around the main beach and a traditional sight on this otherwise urbanised beach are the multi-coloured jangada fishing boats which are typical of the north-east region.

Itacare Beach

The unspoilt Itacare beach is pretty much the polar opposite of Ponta Negra, and will definitely appeal to the tourist looking for ecological options on their Brazil more »

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